Screams Of Eternal Emptiness

by Eternal Valley

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Eternal Valley's 4th album. Atmospheric Black Metal.
Physical copies available through Neckbrace records on bigcartel.

"Atmospheric/ambient depressive black metal with some raunchy funeral doom moments as well. This is the deepest, saddest, most soul squeezing, emotional and massively metal release I’ve heard this year. This is an amazing musical journey as the synth guides you through the dreadful noise with a false sense of security into the bleak forest of oblivion and loss. Vocals are DSBM and done with a masterful tongue. A brilliant find, a wonderful release." 5 out of 5 - HeadbangorGTFO


released June 7, 2014

Orszar - Everything
Released Through Neckbrace Records.



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Eternal Valley Battle Ground, Washington

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Track Name: Deeper Than What Bleeds
Skin can cut, veins can bleed, but physical wounds, can heel and won't be seen. Other are invisible, but they cut, deeper than anything that bleeds.

Nothing will make it heal, it will never get off your mind, no weapon was used, just the breakdown of your mind, and the destruction of self.

Desperate for lifes end, your shadow begins to leave, mind is racing, delusions take their place. Delirium consumes you, you know of only one way out, wrist deep in your own blood.

After death, the pain grows stronger, it will never go.
Track Name: Delusion Of Negation
Deny your self-existence, this delusion is real, faces are unfamiliar, even my own flesh and blood, the delusion germinates, psychotic depression takes ahold, blooming into negation, chronic psychosis and depression are here. Withdrawn from life, where is reality, i feel so dead.

But im alive.

Biological functions disturbed, delusions lasting an eternity, even the stars are dead. The trees are soon to follow, degration of the fusiform face, disconnected from emotional ways, myself, i no longer see, my existence, i no longer feel.

I no longer feel.

My body, is decaying, my veins are empty of blood, a natural death is far from me, an eternally damned corpse, walking the distorted reality.
Track Name: Sensory Fog
Staring at the world, through a broken pane of glass, it always seems unreal, stripped from all emotional depth.

Vividness, may never come, as my perception, dwells in the fog, nothing is familiar, everthing stands sureal, distancing myself, from reality, hidden beneath the veil.

Constant intrusive thoughts, kill me, an anomoly of self-awareness, living in a dream.

Underlying, the sensory fog, seperated, from my physical self. Sensations fade, all will be numb, standing alone, as my mind breaks down and dies.

Take me, Kill me. Foget all, Forget me, no one will ever care.

The world stands still, no one hears the screams, in that mirror i stare, nothing stares back, my shadow cannot be found. I must not be real, none of this world is real.
Track Name: Through The Specter Of Dreams
When is one not dreaming, a sense we all trust, to defer reality from illusion, when will we know. If our dreams, feel all to real, could we be dreaming, and illusions are real, Dreaming for eternity.

The world percieved, simulated, dreaming our own death, we awake with the truth, they try to interprept, our reality, but their minds are far to weak, they'll never know our true strength again.

In the specter of dreams, the false will wake up, but the true will know, this is all just a great dream.

One day true reality will be seen, and it will be known.

They thought they could lie and dream, night after night, but one day they will awake, and they will know.

We will never wake, they will never dream, we will always sleep, in the specter of dreams.
Track Name: Solipsistic Coma
My mind, the source, of this world, only i am real. Other minds, don't exist. Nothing can ever, exist. Outside the realm, of my mind. Even if, it exists, nothing can be known. Even if it could be known, its knowledge could not be told.