Ascend To The Unknown

by Eternal Valley

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5th full-length album from Eternal Valley. Atmospheric Black Metal with a touch of Doom and Ambient inspired by the wonders of deep space and time. Digipak CD editions are available for pre-order, and will be shipped around April-May, limited to 100 copies. Pre-order on Neckbrace Records bigcartel page.

Looking for labels interested in releasing a vinyl edition.


released March 18, 2015

Orszar - All instruments, vocals, recording, mastering.
Released through Neckbrace Records.
©2015 NB 013



all rights reserved


Eternal Valley Battle Ground, Washington

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Track Name: Path To An Astral Existence
Ascend yourself into the eternal void. Vast darkness till the stellar sphere.
Opening the world, to an era of comatose.

Leave your breath, as you ascend the clouds.
Subconscious travels, to the depths of space.
Trapped in darkness, discovering the untold.

A false sense of fear, a new sense of calm.
A spark of nostalgia, hidden by ones new home.

Cosmic power, solar allure, ripping you away.
cosmic power, solar allure, your soul is here to stay.
Track Name: A Life In The Stars
Through the luminous nebula, between brilliant stars.
Beyond solar beauty, below the quasar.

Home to no one, an age of eternity.
Complete isolation, a life finally free.

Drifting through time, our old lives we forget.

Far away from home, our new life in the stars.
Track Name: Infinite Planetary Allure
Wandering stars, evoking ancient wonders.
Stellar remnants, forming worlds from asunder.
seen from afar, light piercing through the night.
vast beauty, making way for all of life.

Infinite allure, galactic emotion, celestial bodies shine on.

Distant planets, crying in the night.
shrouded screams, gripping the atmosphere.
nebula of the lost, time of the broken.

galactic emotion, celestial bodies shine on.

A trance of wonder, beyond the mark of time.
unmatched beauty through infinite expectancy.

Infinite allure, galactic emotion, celestial bodies shine on.
Track Name: Cassiopeia A
Vast extra-solar explosion, the internal collapse of the giant.

Stellar winds flow free, through the stratosphere of our time.

Light years away, optically brilliant, layers cloaked in gold, beneath the expanding shell.
A glow of fire, a glare of ice, echoes of the light, where eternity shines forever.
Track Name: Within The Frozen Star
Dying stars, frozen in time, bending light, to the horizon we stare.
Immersing myself, to the unending fall,
immense tidal forces, distorting the soul.
Beyond the singularity, a journey to the end,
with no escape, i follow paths unknown.
Losing thought, no sight from afar, as i descend, within the frozen star.
Track Name: Descending The Multiverse
Brought from the other side, looking down from above.
Into the parallel sphere, seeing all but now.

To the origins of time, to the end of the future,
caught between two worlds, deciphering the real from false.
Waiting for the answer, the universe calmly holds, truth spoken in silence,
communicated in the mind.

Stuck within the multiverse, i have lost the battle with time.
Trapped in the depths of space, yet released by a stronger mind.
A lost home is finally found, in tranquility i can be.